The commercial network of FloraXchange can be important for every grower (regardless of his own automation).The commercial network of FloraXchange connects growers to exporters where he is doing business with. The exporter will be constantly informed with the catalog and offers of the grower. You can use FloraXchange for:

Own website/webshop
With the offer and the catalog as a base, a grower can also use FloraXchange as his own webshop. By choosing FloraXchange as your own webshop, the grower gets direct access to a long list of functionalities, so he has a professional and high-end webshop right away. This webshop is able to count down stock, send Florecom (EDI’s) orders and sending out EKT messages.

Spread offer
One of the goals of FloraXchange is to spread reliable offer in the simplest way. The grower can spread his offer from one dashboard to all the different systems.

Link with PlantConnect
From FloraXchange you can directly fill PlantConnect. With this link you don’t have to fill in your offer several times. PlantConnect puts the offer on their system and/or webshop and sends it in some cases to the systems of exporters.

Link client specific offer
You can also use FloraXchange for client specific offer. We have a direct link with the software programs of several buyers, where your offer can be showed directly on the webshop of the exporter.

FloraXchange week lists
Exporters would like to have client specific offer, but they prefer a limited number of items. Therefore FloraXchange offers a new functionality that makes it very easy to create client specific and reliable offer. This new functionality gives you insight in what the market wants to know from you. We call this option the ‘’week list’’. The exporter decides which items he wants on his weeklist. Then FloraXchange makes it easy for you to fill in and control the prices in a fast way.